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LYNETTE DOVIDIO OF CANTON IS!  She just won a $300 iPad mini!  Congrats Lynette! 

More fun and games coming from the WHBC Fan Club soon!  If you are a club member already, just stay tuned.  If you aren't, join now!





Join the Mix 94.1 Fan Club today because you could possibly win a $300 iPad mini!  

It features a beautiful 7.9" display, iSight® and FaceTime camera, the A5 chip, ultrafast wireless and up to 10 hours of battery life. And over 275,000 apps on the App Store made for iPad work with iPad mini.  It's an iPad in every way, shape and -- slightly smaller -- form.

If you are a Fan Club member already, great!  Just go to the Fan Club site, enter the contest section and register to win like you would any other contest within the club.

And you'll be all set!


If you aren't a member, here's all you have to do!

Step One!  Become a Fan Club member today!  Just click on the Fan Club insignia below (or elsewhere on our website) and register to be a member.

Step Two!  Once you are a member, go to the contest section, find the "iPad Mini" contest and enter to win!   

You can register every day -- but just once a day -- through Midnight, Sunday, May 18th! Listen to Mix 94.1's DeLuca and Kathy for our grand prize announcement Monday, May 19th.

Thanks for being a part of the Mix 94.1 Fan Club! Good luck!

Click below to get to the official Mix 94.1 Fan Club page ...



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